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Full Coin Coverage

Alerts for 1500+ cryptocurrencies from all major exchanges to analyze in one place.

Push Notifications

No need to watch the exchanges, alerts will be pushed to email, SMS, and mobile devices in real-time.

Customized Alerts

Set up alerts for cryptocurrencies that you are following with the ability to change alert frequency.

Real-Time Alerts

Ability to set up real-time and multiple alerts for any coin on any exchange with easy to use alerts.

24/7/365 Up-Time

Real-time alerts that monitor price, percentage, and volume change to make sell/buy decision 24/7/365.

Portfolio Analysis

Identify your crypto net worth and export your short and long term capital gains to self report for taxes.

Desktop Version

Easy synchronization between multiple devices to set up alerts and view your portfolio, so you’ll never miss an update.

Privacy and Security

We don't eavesdrop or sell your order or position data to third parties. All data is encrypted on a secure server.

Never miss an opportunity to profit.
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